What is Aquaponics?
Aquaponics is the merging of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil). In aquaponics the huge expense of adding nutrients and fertilizer is replaced with converted fish waste, bringing the cost down significantly. The result is that plants grow up to eight times faster and produce up to twenty times the output of traditional farming. This is a closed-loop system by plants filtering the water back to the fish. Therefore, aquaponics can use as little as three percent, yes 3% of the water used to produce the same amount of food when compared to regular farming.

Our Concept:
The concept is to take aquaponics and the Gospel all over the world. Through mission’s teams, we will help train and create community systems and then bring home systems so people can take care of their own families. As the spiritual and physical needs of the communities are realized, the gospel will increase and world hunger will decrease.


  • Create a relationship between our organization and the local church or missionary in the target area where we are going to serve.
  • Train them so they are ready to receive our people and our help.
  • Build their system in a climate controlled greenhouse, in Scottsdale, that mirrors their conditions. Test all parameters for maximum success for plant growth and fish survival.
  • Train short term missions teams in the areas of aquaponics, outreach, family ministries and any other specialization for community service.
  • Plan for twelve teams to provide support for the community system, by sending one team monthly. Once the community system is totally established, (plants are prolific and fish are breeding) the teams will begin to send family sized systems for people to use in their homes.

Note: Each community system has the potential to support 2500 home systems.


  • Establish the organizationDonate_scrn
  • Raise funds for round one ($75,000)
  • Establish at least 2 locations for 2016 with 12 teams for each location
  • Set up the greenhouses
  • Start an intern program
  • Research and visit the other community systems that are thriving
  • Build 3 Websites
    • Foundation
    • Project
    • Team Fundraising
  • Create 2 Apps
    • Team App
    • Weather programming for the greenhouses
  • Write and publish
    • Aquaponics training program
    • Gospel presentation focusing on sustenance verses
    • Recruiting materials
    • Location training materials
    • Team training program
  • Send out first team by late spring/early summer of 2016
  • …Eventually, through the mission of the church, end world hunger!


Some examples of community systems:

Some examples of home based systems:

Other Ministry Projects In Development:

Water sanitation
Fish Farm/nursery for fish

Bible Distribution
Prayer Retreats

Church Development
Family Ministry growth
Children’s ministry
Marriage prep
Marriage Ministry
Men’s Ministry
Women’s Ministry

Love is Campaigns
Help the elderly
Babysitting for single moms
Food care packages
Yard work for handicapped
Raise money for causes that come up in the church

Develop strong pastors, teachers, leaders and volunteers
Preschool at church
Tutoring services
Scholarship funds for college/seminary

Business Mentoring

Expand Missions