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Mickey Smith

Here is what your donation will be helping with:

Global Impact – Each host church the becomes a partner will be a major part of our family that is working towards Global solutions to world problems in the context of God’s Kingdom.

Local Impact – Every time a short term team member takes part in a trip, their lives are touched in unforeseen ways. Those sometimes little nudges can have a huge impact back home as they have grown in understanding of God and His Kingdom.

Aside from new relationships and completed tasks, our missions focus is to touch society and return their focus on God and His Church as He provides physical as well as our spiritual needs.


World Hunger Solutions:

Aquaponics will be the final answer to the problem of world hunger. The delivery method for that solution should be the Church. As God has blessed the church, so must the church be a blessing to those around it.

Our method for aquaponics multiplies the effectiveness of the system so that a community sized system that serves 25-50 families can eventually serve up to 5,000-10,000 people.


Poverty Solutions:

Around the world, the major expenses for living are tied to survival. Legacy International is working towards solving the food and nutrition problem one community at a time.

As each family is touched by not seeking after the next meal, they can move from survival to provision to hospitality to blessing others.


Legacy International:

It is a crucial time for Legacy International as an organization. This first phase is where there will be little income and much going out as systems are build domestically and prototypes tested and new modifications made.

Not only does the organization need funding for creation of the systems, but we are trying to free the founders so that they can create the systems needed for training, managing, and growing a new staff.


Sharing the Gospel:

Everything that we are doing is tied to sharing the Gospel effectively in different cultures around the world. We are committed to growing existing churches where they exist and helping those congregations grow in number and in depth.


Further Growth:

Numbers aren’t always the most important thing. While it is very exciting to see people come to Christ in droves, it is also our passion to see leaders grow with today’s tools for hermenuetics and Biblical training. We are developing family ministry growth plans so that the places where we will be ministering can properly grow to support people who want to grow deeper and deeper in their understanding and knowledge of Christ and His Kingdom.